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Questions About Working at Camp

Ready to make a difference? Want to build your resume while making lifelong friends? Working at summer camp offers invaluable skill-building and leadership opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Spending a summer working at camp will enhance your job marketability.

Learn answers to some of the more common questions about working at camp.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Work At Camp?

Our camps hire staff who are at least 17 years of age. Many of our staff are Juniors and Seniors in High School and College Students.

Do My References All Need To Come From Employers?

You can use a variety of references. A teacher, professor, religious mentor, employer, or volunteer supervisor can serve as an excellent reference. Please do not use a relative, close friend or family friend.

What Kind Of Experience Do I Need To Apply?

We have many different positions at camp. Some require experience working with children, while other positions require experience in a particular activity area such as aquatics, athletics, creative and performing arts and more. 

How Does The Interview Process Work?

Most of our interviews are done at our camp offices during the off-season unless you are still away at college then we would Zoom or FaceTime. 

Do I Need Any Special Certifications To Work At Camp?

We provide certification opportunities at camp such as lifeguard training, First Aid and CPR, for those who are skilled and applying to work as a lifeguard. We also certify at camp our ropes adventure course instructors.

When Do I Get Paid?

Staff will be paid bi-weekly throughout the eight weeks at camp. There is no need to have money at camp as lunch and afternoon snack (ICE CREAM!) is provided daily.

Do I Need A Car To Get To And From Camp Everyday?

No. A car is not a necessity, although you may bring one to commute to and from camp. We provide bus transportation if you do not have a car and you also have the opportunity to make additional money as one of our Bus Counselors.

Can I Use My Cell Phone At Camp?

Staff are not allowed to walk around camp and use their cell phones.

How Much Do Camp Staff Get Paid?

All camp staff are paid a seasonal salary for their employment based on the position and experience of the applicant. Daily lunch is included and there are often additional opportunities to earn money through our staff referral program and other working events throughout the summer. 

I Finished My Online Application, Now What?

You will hear from one our directors in a few days to setup an interview!