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Looking for a summer job?

Want to work at summer camp?

We’re seeking individuals who want to do meaningful work with awesome people.

At Arbor Group Camps, you’ll be working side-by-side with a friendly and talented group of individuals.  We take pride in delivering incredible acts of service to our campers, and we’d love for you to join the team.

Work at camp this summer

Why Work at Summer Camp?

summer camp counselor jobs in New Jersey Working at summer camp is great for your future career. If you are a high school or college student considering a career in education, athletics, sports management, coaching, dance, theater, culinary arts, fine arts, child psychology or overall management, a camp experience allows you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your resume and job marketability.


Business executives often note that experience working at a summer camp translates into excellent personnel and management skills.


Our campers provide a fresh mix of challenges and opportunities in an exciting environment.  We work with individuals who are looking to grow their emotional, social, and physical talents every day.


Top Reasons to Work at Camp

Make A Difference

Help shape the lives of and teach life lessons to young children.


You will learn so much about yourself in just two short months.

Build Your Resume

You will develop employable skills with real market value that will help craft your future career.

Be a Mentor

Learn from some of the best professionals in your field, while serving as a big brother/sister to campers.

Outdoor Office

Work, play, and earn money in the great outdoors! Camp provides adventures and activities you will not experience anywhere else.

Stay Healthy and Active

Be active, join our annual Staff Gaga and Dodgeball Tournaments and become victorious!

Summer Camp Traditions

Some of your fondest memories of summer will be participating in our events and traditions.

Lifelong Friendships

Create bonds and connections that will last forever.

We Feed You!

We offer daily lunch and ice cream every day at camp. Nothing better than some ice cream after a day outside with the campers!


We make every effort to choose our team carefully; the friendships and relationships here extend beyond the camp day.  Whether you’re playing a game of Gaga at a Staff Night event with your colleagues, heading to the beach with some of our camp staff friends over the weekend, or taking some time while away at college to reconnect with staff via zoom, we want to be a place that everyone connects with others and enjoys being at as much on Monday morning as a Friday afternoon.


At Arbor Group Camps, we know that great accomplishments can come from anyone.  That’s why we aim to cultivate a strong sense of community where our entire team feels empowered to contribute in meaningful ways to our camp’s success.  We take personal and professional growth seriously, and encourage everyone to expand their knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their value to our team and campers.


The Arbor Group Camps connects people seeking meaningful summer jobs and internships with unique opportunities to work at one of our New Jersey day camps. We partner with Camp Directors from Tamarack, Oak Crest and Pine Grove who are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, and dedicated team members. Arbor Group camps are among the best summer camps in the United States.